Rest in silence in balance and harmony
REST: Sleeping well is the first form of well-being. Sleeping in Torino La Maison must above all be a moment of pleasure. Get you to start the day in a good mood and full of energy load is our ambitious mission and for this the natural consequence was the choice of the Simmons brand for the mattresses. A company that since 1870 researches quality and excellence for rest.

IN SILENCE: full soundproofing in the rooms with the use of wooden windows frames with high acoustic attenuation 47 dB (decibels).

IN EQUILIBRIUM AND HARMONY with the environment : under floor air-conditioning. The presence of a diffusion by irradiation avoids creating dust which, rising, can cause allergies. The renovation was carried out with the exclusive use of water-based glues, solvents and paints, all environmentally friendly.

All this to provide the highest level of comfort.